NetEnt’s Live Beyond Live now serenades Mr. Green

During the ICE conference held in London earlier this year, NetEnt showcased just how powerful mobile gaming can get, especially with their Live Beyond Live game. This new project from NetEnt is a 3D gaming environment that immerses the player into a highly functional world where they are deeply involved in their gaming environment and capable of controlling various aspects of that environment. This new development is the clearest example yet that operators are reading the writing on the wall with regard to gaming; mobile continues to be the way to go, and
along with it come super graphics that take the player beyond a live casino floor.

Mr Green Roulette Tables

How it works

As soon as you plug in, you are teleported to a room in Mr. Green’s LA Villa. Mr.Green is becoming very popular in places like Norway, where gambling on “mobilcasino” (mobile casino) is quite the rage. Here, you will see four tables before you. Two tables are meant for roulette and the other two are for blackjack. You get to move effortlessly between these tables-or rather, your avatar gets to do that. The platform is highly interactive, showing you what is going on at specific points in time. For example, if you are playing roulette and want to switch to blackjack,
then the information in the background informs you about the availability of a dealer for that specific table, which allows you to transition effortlessly. The fact that the winning numbers are displayed prominently on the player’s screen builds a sense of trust between them and the platform. The real-life approach to gaming, where you even get to see dealers moving to and from tables, as well as the fact that you have a visual into whatever is going on, creates for a substantial amount of credibility in the system.

Netent New 3D Live Casino

Changing Tides

Laszlo Keczer, live production head at NetEnt, believes that in order for online gaming platforms to keep attracting the right kind of players, they must observe the market keenly. He indicates that it’s no coincidence that mobile gaming has brought about a decrease in average session times (players head out after 5-10 minutes on average). His take is that people simply have less time, and that is one of the challenges Live Beyond Live sets out to tackle (by shortening game times and providing detailed instructions for player journeys).

Keczer hints that LBL is just getting started. There is talk about making things even better for “high value players” (VIPs) by working harder toward converging various aspects of simulacra into one seamless experience for gamers.

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