Playstation 4 Bluetooth Patch Aiming For This Year, But Could Slip Into Early 2014

There’s plenty to be excited about in the lead-up to next-gen launches – which are now just four/five weeks away depending on which land of glory you’re heading towards.

The PlayStation 4 has had a rosy lead-up so far with barely even a niggle, but the delays of Driveclub and Watch Dogs from launch were blows that it (and the Xbox One for the latter) could have done without. Plenty has been speculated and dismissed, such a HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) on its games which would’ve prevented from being recorded, but one thing that was true is that the PlayStation 4 will not support current-gen bluetooth headsets for chat, and will require a post-launch patch for USB-based headsets to be compatible. Even Sony’s own PULSE headset will require a patch to be used at all – not just for chat.

One Hit Pixel has learned, via a PlayStation representative, that this patch is aiming to be out by the end of the year, but don’t be surprised if it slips into early 2014. It’s frustrating that we could potentially have to wait several months in order to be able to use bluetooth headsets with a brand new bit of tech, but at least the console will come bundled with the controller-connected mono headset.

It’s not just the PS4 that will have such restrictions though, as the Xbox One’s adapter to use third-party headsets has been delayed into 2014.

Such feature delays are frustrating but thankfully minor in the grand scheme of things. So, if you plan on using cross-game chat for the first time on a home PlayStation console then you’ll either have to use the provided wired headset, or wait until early next year.

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