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Welcome to the dawn of a new Empire.

Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin


on April 16, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Minutes of Presentation to EuroCorp Stakeholders – April 2069

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to listen to this presentation. As you may know, hard times have befallen the firm for the past fifteen years, meaning we have had to downsize our activities a considerable margin. This year however, we’ve had word from market analysts that a considerable change in the climate is in the air. Subsequently, it has been decided by the board that this year is our chance to take back the majority of the market share. Sharing only the name of the project that bought us success twenty years ago, Syndicate is a new take on an old idea; a new perspective on familiar ground. Our Chief Analyst feels that this is most certainly a viable strategy.

We made history in 2017 by completing the largest merger in existence to create the EuroCorp we represent today. Since then we developed the DART Chip in 2025 which permanently changed how people perceive the world. Not everyone can afford it, so they are left in a physical limbo; and since its inception, every mega-corporation has been using corporate espionage to get the other hand on their rivals. We first created a solo simulation of the development of the DART 6 Chip based around the controversial events of last year. A few of our top agents – Miles Kilo and Jules Merit, were looking into while testing the prototype of DART 6 with renowned researcher Lily Drawl. However, we had reports that our rivals at Aspari Corp have been developing technology similar to DART 6 that they were sent to investigate.

The previous strategy involved pouring money into funds while our operatives commanded a squadron of agents to complete missions. But that was the strategy of the old fashioned, as many firms now utilise a more “hands-on” approach. As such, our operatives now work among the agents to fulfil their tasks. We were initially sceptical about how this would handle, but field tests show that our operatives were more comfortable in the knowledge that they could do the job better themselves. The DART 6 case highlights the fact that the mobility combined with the training he was given as an agent were highly effective in combat situations, though the report also laments that the features were not as revolutionary as first thought.

Our Chief Analyst believes that the future isn’t drastically different from the past. Guns still mostly work like they did over fifty years ago, though more high tech and atypical concepts like a side-on burst fire using an alternative sight on assault rifles can be switched on the fly from scoped single shots. This is something he felt would resonate with our agents, but he felt that the selection was a little bland, aside from the Mini-gun with infinite ammunition, Laser Rifle and Flamethrowers they can occasionally equip. One big highlight with our testers was the Gauss Rifle – an assault rifle that allows for users to lock onto a target, and then shoot safely from cover to avoid enemy rounds with homing bullets. The other tool operatives will have is the prototype DART Chip which enables various hacking abilities within the mind. They will be able to disarm grenades, deactivate armour, open doorways/paths and even affect the enemy’s mind and cause their guns to backfire. We especially like the abilities to cause enemy agents to commit suicide or turn to our cause temporarily. These highly effective tools mean that our agents are able to achieve positive results in a quick time, but also in style.

In the case of our DART 6 Prototype, field tests have shown that by harnessing enemy Syndicate technology, our operative can upgrade his own physique to be more resilient. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding the days of the DART 6 Prototype incubation period are highly classified information that we feel cannot be shared openly at this time. What we can show is merely a simulation of those, but at a short and predictable six hours or so, it doesn’t really do the project much justice. However, our Chief Analyst has determined that the solo simulation does capture our reality remarkably well, providing a great level of atmospheric detail in not only the corporate levels and rival company buildings, but also the lower slum areas. Using archive footage from actors/actresses of 2012 – namely Brian Cox and Rosario Dawson, to help with the identity of the individuals involved was an interesting concept, but their likeness is ultimately unconvincing. Audio input programs were also initiated, with the Chief Analyst approving the dubstep version of a piece of music we put in the original campaign. His main issue however, is that the experience is a little on the linear side, with little room for deviation from the beaten track. He does however like the variety of approaches that trainees can take when using the solo simulation.

But it was the board’s decision that one simulation was not enough to showcase our strategic plan. They also wanted a training facility that not only provided a virtual training ground for multiple operatives, but also helped augment their abilities. The result was a co-operative simulation which, if you don’t mind me speaking bluntly for a moment, is a marvellous piece of work. Our team have generated nine maps which feature a lot of the single player simulation content, but also expand on the abilities and augmentations. In each mission, based off key points of our first global expansion twenty years ago, operatives will compete against each other to be the most efficient they can be while completing each objective. Each mission will grant operatives rewards based on ranking level increases, but they will also be able to initiate research into enhancing their abilities and weaponry once they have bought the blueprints. As a bit of fun, we also included the ability for multiple operatives to form their own virtual Syndicates that feature their own corporation-wide tasks and grant rewards respectively to each member of that Syndicate. Connection levels are optimal and the early feedback from the Beta testers is that they are instructive and, dare I say it, “fun”.

In conclusion, it is with great pride that I present to you the new Syndicate: A more dynamic and versatile strategy for the future. Even in its prototype stage, it shows just how far we’ve come in the past twenty years. While our solo simulation needs a little refinement, our co-operative simulations are significantly more successful in outlining our strategy to our operatives. The dependency on other users is what drives the compelling experience forward, but it is also the stark likeness to our own present that is the icing on this carefully and lovingly crafted cake. Business is War ladies and gentlemen, and this is the new dawning of our new empire.

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