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Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin


on July 20, 2012 at 10:30 AM

We all know that budget mobile gaming is fast becoming the norm, but that doesn’t always mean that the games are stripped down in terms of quality. Smaller companies with lower budgets have been allowed to thrive in an industry fixated on making a quick buck. Gets To The Exit is a classic example of a simple idea that combined with some devious level design can more than justify its minuscule price of admission.

The objective of the game is quite simply to save all the Goodies in each level by moving all the platforms into the right places. Things happen in real-time, so quick reflexes are required to guide them to sanctuary through the 55 levels, spanning three worlds. Since you don’t control how they move, you must also on occasion block them before they run straight into Lava pillars, spikes or even worse – a bottomless pit. Thankfully there is an extensive tutorial that explains all the mechanics in a controlled way that doesn’t feel too dumbed down. Boss levels every five levels provide some unique flair, while the three settings provide some diversity.

By simply dragging the platforms to enable your Goodies to walk to freedom, means that even on a basic level you will understand how to play. Multi-touch is enabled, which given its frantic nature is a godsend; but the problem is that there are rare occasions where even perfect placing can result in some of the Goodies meeting an untimely demise. Patience is an absolute virtue here as you only have a certain amount of leeway before you run out of stars and fail the level. There will be times when you have pretty much done everything in a level and can leave it there to finish, so a fast forward button would have been a nice touch.

Its production values are little more than a Flash game from a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean that Gets To The Exit is completely without charm. Goodies change outfits depending on what world you are currently in, with the backgrounds themselves further confirming the settings. Some will find the sound effects endearing and all credit to the two-man crew who did the entire array of sound effects by themselves with no other tools, but clearly some people would be annoyed with the Goodies spouting praise for the hundredth time.

Gets To The Exit is no normal Lemmings clone as the environments dictate the gameplay as opposed to job roles given by the player, but apart from this the game feels somewhat similar. The presentation is basic, but gets the job done, while the hefty level total means the £0.69 price tag is well worth such a small investment. The free version will of course allow you to judge for yourselves. If you do decide to invest, you’ll get one of the more quirky mobile games out there and with the promise of free levels in the future you’ll be glad you did.


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