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"I may have been beaten, betrayed, and dishonoured, but I am the best at what I do."

David Howard

David Howard


on October 8, 2012 at 5:01 AM

I’ve been betrayed.

The world I live in has fallen to ruins. The city of Dunwall, my city, has been ravaged by plague, neglected by time and nature, and betrayed by an oppressive regime. It wasn’t always like this though, before… before my betrayal. “Corvo – the Empress’ murderer” the whispers on the street call me, but I know it be not true. I was her bodyguard. Her friend. I was supposed to protect her, but… but I failed. Stabbed in the back by the false Lord, greedy with power and foolish enough to keep me alive and the Empress’ daughter Emily alive. It gave me a goal, a single path of revenge; it was time to put my skills to the test and perhaps redeem my earlier failing, dear Emily needed me. I am Corvo: master assassin.

It wasn’t until many months after a group of assassins took the Empress from my world with their savage blade and kidnapped young Emily that I managed to escape the physical and mental prison I had been incarcerated in. Dunwall prison may have been my ways but it was the cage around my mind that I needed freeing of. Then, thanks to some unknown allies, I knew she was still alive, I knew Emily was still alive. I have to make those responsible pay for their crimes. Thankfully, my skills were far from rusty. A blade felt more at home in my hand than a pen and my deadliness with a crossbow grew with every shot. Traversing my surroundings was completed with ease and a prolonged spell behind bars had not stiffened my fluidity.

“I must protect her from those who seek to exploit her, or cause her harm. I watched and listened when other men would’ve shouted in rage. Sometimes you have to hold back instead of striking.”

Although Dunwall was no longer recognisable, it was still a marvel to behold. If only you could have seen it through my eyes. The beautiful and brutal landscapes before me are both chilling and breathtaking in their appearance. There was a history of life in every alley, now desolate thanks to the plague. A disease ridden world that crippled everyone with fear was under the baneful rule of a vile creature who preyed on this fear.

I could not dwell for too long though, there was work to be done.

How I decided to proceed was my choice. I knew my goal but the journey I took to get there was up for debate. Allow those that obey the heretic to live and slip by undetected, or dispatch the vengeance that they so duly deserved knowing full well what danger it put me in. At each and every step towards finding those responsible for dishonouring me I could do as I pleased. Nothing stood between me and the playground of enjoyment that lay in front. There’s a somewhat sadistic pleasure in tormenting those less adapt as you, but then again, even I am not immune to a well placed sword or incoming bullet. I was fortunate then that there are plenty of elixirs and sustenance around to replenish my energy when required.

It’s not something I was used to, being able to teleport, see through walls, or even stop time; but due to the mysterious Outsider who cast his mark upon me, such dark powers were at my disposal. Whether I was in a tight spot and needed to get away or saw an opportunity to have some fun some women-abusing grunts, the supernatural abilities were at my disposal. By finding the Outsider’s “runes” I was able to strengthen myself as I saw fit and he even appeared at various shrines that “worshipers” had erected to provide some riddilistic rambling that only delayed me from my foes. How I improved determined the more suitable path of advancing towards those that had a date with the end of my blade.

Speaking of my foes, there are a few that proved a bit more of a challenge but nothing I couldn’t handle; after all, there’s a reason I’m feared across the Empire. I found it useful to distract or quietly eliminate guards when necessary – no point in getting my hands dirty when I don’t have to – and they certainly talk a lot when standing idly by. A bit of cleverness and creativity to circumvent their surprising intelligent was needed on occasion which helped to keep things interesting. History taught me that bodies must be kept hidden and noise kept to a minimum unless you’re looking for a fight – which was always option.

There were times along my journey – ones that you will no doubt encounter as well – that sent my blood boiling and filled me with anger at such actions of others. The corruption in this city, my city, bred a chaos that even I could not contain. However, I had to keep my anger in check, it was about protecting the Empress’ daughter now. I ensured I proceed without flaw, slipping past others like a ghost as my actions affected the city. If I kept the body count and chaos low the city remained a more welcoming place, but if I had decided to spill a lot of blood, then, well, there would have been plenty trying to get a drop of mine.

I hear stories, tales from other worlds of issues that fellow-men encounter, something that is bemusing to me. A single step wrong and there would have been no note for you to read right now, no acknowledgement of my success; I am grateful that my quest was a polished as my blade and as well-functioning as my mask. I live in a world of infinite possibilities where my choices really matter. I am but one man, yet feel more powerful than an army. No one can match me for agility, power, accuracy or stealth and yet they still try, as Dunwall can bring out the demon in anyone. You may consider yourself to be one of the good guys, incorruptible and loyal the good fight, but you are not prepared for the evil that lay here. The path you take is up to you though. Compassion or ruthlessness. Evade or engage. Live… or die.

If you are reading this then you are about to face the same challenges as I have, but just know this…

My name is Corvo Attano: lord protector, master assassin. I may have been beaten, betrayed, and dishonoured, but I am the best at what I do. Few will succeed like I have and there is no one out there who will stop me.


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