Game Of The Year 2014 – Best PC Exclusive

Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin


on January 20, 2015 at 12:30 PM

If there was ever the claim from the PC Master Race that the games on consoles just don’t come close to what can be experienced on PC, 2014 is certainly that. Some great exclusives from powerful depictions of war through survivor’s eyes to the return of the classic PC RPG (cRPG) gameplay are just some of the highlights that were launched on PC last year.

Best PC Exclusive 2014 Nominees

Divinity: Original Sin

Football Manager 15

Football Manager 15 certainly swayed an opinion or two with its incremental updates that make it “appealing to all levels”. The inclusion of the Assistant Manager certainly helps ease new players into the off-the-pitch managerial tasks, but the option is there for veterans to take the reins for themselves. Criminally however, we never got the chance to review Divinity: Original Sin, but this ambitious RPG was met with much critical acclaim when it came out of Early Access.

The Winner Is…

Divinity: Original Sin

A small majority of us found this to be the best PC game this year. It has competition from the likes of Wasteland 2 which saw a huge backing on Kickstarter years ago; but there are several key gameplay elements that make Divinity: Original Sin stand out above the crowd.

Great combat is one thing, but having the freedom to do exactly what you want to do, even if it means killing someone who is a quest giver, is a game changer. You can pick up on what quest givers would have asked you to do, so it isn’t the end of the world if you make a “mistake”.

Party interactions are also taken to another level with dialogue between characters on the course of action. You essentially have an argument with yourself! No other game has tried this and it only supports the wonderful characterisation and world building. It’s the best game Larian Studios have made to date and seals the expectation of quality in the future. A well-deserved victory.