Prototype Of The PlayStation 4’s Controller Seemingly Leaked

David Howard

David Howard


on February 14, 2013 at 11:15 PM

There I was, enjoying an evening away from online distractions to settle down for a nice and relaxing Valentine’s Day meal and movie night, but little did I know what was rumbling. Fast forward a couple of hours and I pop online for a cheeky glance and lo-and-behold, a photo of a prototype of the PlayStation 4’s new controller looks to have been leaked on Destructoid. ps4-devkit-controller

So, what do we have hear? Well, if – and as always that’s a key word here – this is indeed a picture of the PlayStation 4 dev kit and controller, then we’ve just learnt that much of what we’ve heard about a new controller is indeed true.

There’s a central touch pad, new analog sticks and a coloured illuminating strip along the top akin to the Move’s glow. There’s also a Vita-looking d-pad, a headphone jack and a speaker of sorts. This would certainly be a considerable shift from the current DualShock design – primarily due to all of the new features – but one thing we’re almost certain on is that this isn’t the final design. Why not? Well, look at it; it’s pretty hideous. It’s far too chunky for a start and lacks any sort of refinement to it.

Then there’s the silver box in the background with what seems to be a dual set of cameras and a row of eight LED lights – perhaps one for every core. Of course, what this all means is still unknown, but come February 20 it won’t be.