Namco Bandai Profits For 2012 Skyrocket

Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin


on February 6, 2013 at 3:12 PM

With all the doom and gloom of the videogame industry of late, it’s nice to see that one company is doing well. Namco Bandai posted yesterday that net income profits in the last nine months of 2012 were around £191.5 million (¥28 billion), up 71% on last year’s profit margins. Sales were also up 8.4 percent to around £2.4 billion (¥350.6 billion).

Breaking down the total revenue from all their operations, Q3 sales from games software and arcade machines were £1.2 billion (¥184.9 billion), up 22% on the previous year. Game software sales for the entire nine month period reached £403.3 million (¥59 billion) and arcade machines accounting for £335 million (¥49 billion) of the total revenue respectively.

Best sellers for the firm include both their tournament fighters released in 2012. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sold 1.35 million units worldwide, with SoulCalibur 5 sold an additional 870,000 units during the period, bringing total units sold to 1.56 million worldwide. Other titles were performing well too, such as Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm – Generations moving 660,000 units, and Tales of Xillia 2 moving 500,000 between its release date and December 31.

As such, Namco Bandai has projected its full fiscal year 2013 revenue, ending on March 31, 2013, to be up by 1.3% to £3.1 billion (¥460 billion) with a full-year profit of £167.4 million (¥24.5 billion), up 26.9% from November’s previous projection. With Ni No Kuni recently hitting the top of the UK charts, it looks like a spectacular end of the fiscal year for the company.