Community Game Of The Year 2012: Best Shooter

David Howard

David Howard


on December 24, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Editor’s Note: We recently asked you, our community to vote for your Games of the Year across a variety of categories, and following all of your votes it’s time for the results. Enjoy.

Perhaps the most popular genre in videogames at the moment, first-person shooters dominate the charts and rack up huge numbers of playtime every year and this year was no different with record-breaking releases. Last year it was Battlefield 3 that took the award of top shooter, fending off the challenge from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Fast-forward a year and the world’s biggest gaming franchise has another iteration out but its competition is rather different. There’s the outlandish cel-shaded shooter on Pandora, the open-world adventure on Rook Island, a fan favourite returns as he heads to Requiem, an ex-cops visit to São Paulo and somewhat of a dark horse. Which game would capture the hearts of FPS fans this year?

The Nominees were:


Ubisoft has taken the Far Cry franchise from strength to strength and the latest edition is something special, so much so that it is Far Cry 3 that wins the Best Shooter award. Fending off competition from some of the year’s biggest releases, Far Cry 3 managed to win 38.22% of the vote – a larger proportion than Battlefield 3 last year – and secured a comfortable win with Borderlands 2 as runner-up (22.93%).

It seems to have performed well at retail, entering in second in the UK charts behind Black Ops II when it released and became the ninth biggest launch of 2012, and it really deserves to.

“Aside from some missed potential and a couple of forgivable bugs, Far Cry 3 is an expert shooter,” reads our ‘A’ rated review. “It combines the linearity of an engaging and interesting story with the expansive freedom of an open world adventure game. The soundtrack is near-on perfect, voice acting equally so, it also looks terrific and plays fantastically. The diversity and quality of the characters helps graft a believable world in which to play within; Citra, Dennis, Liza, and especially Vaas, help to immerse you into the persona of Jason Brody and give meaning to the actions you execute as him.

“Ubisoft have created a shooter that excels in the often underperforming areas of shooters whilst delivering on the foundation aspects as well. Vaas is the star of the show without doubt but there’s so much to Far Cry 3 that makes it one of the most refreshing and impressive shooters of the year.”