Community Game Of The Year 2012: Best PC

Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin


on December 22, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Editor’s Note: We recently asked you, our community to vote for your Games of the Year across a variety of categories, and following all of your votes it’s time for the results. Enjoy.

The oldest platform has seen a renaissance this year, despite the rather bleaker looking outlook when we last took a gander at how the old girl was doing. When we crowned The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings as Community Game of the Year 2011: Best PC game, it had a rather healthy lead over the rest of the competition. This year, we’ve seen some of the very best indie games bring the fight to more established and key franchises. Our list of nominees this year is an unlikely bunch on the surface, but consists of two of the best MMORPGs to be released this year, two of the best dungeon crawlers of recent times, an indie hit that is unlike any other, and the usual management simulator that makes it onto these lists. The PC is not dead, as these nominees show, but only one can win the valuable hard disk space of our Best PC game.

The Nominees were:


This one went down to the wire with the closest result in our Community Game of the Year voting. With a majority of a shade over one percent, the Community Game of the Year 2012: Best PC award goes to Diablo III. It really was that tight at the top, with Diablo III gaining 23.53% of the vote, while second placed Football Manager 2013 had 21.85% and third place Torchlight II nabbing 21.01%. It isn’t like the other three did badly either sharing the rest of the percentage relatively evenly.

Marred with connectivity issues upon release, Diablo III’s accessibility choice didn’t exactly give it an easy start, but even in our ‘A-‘ review we acknowledged that if you look past that, “…despite being a streamlined affair, there is plenty on offer to keep the spirits of the old heroes observing.” Given that Diablo II was released over a decade before, the decision to bring back the franchise for Blizzard, a company that has been accused of resting on its World of Warcraft laurels for so long, was certainly a brave one.

Storming the Lord of Perdition’s realm once more was something enjoyable alone, but it was something that I could come back to again and again as the scenarios were ever changing. Taking on another one of the varied classes to fight the hordes of evil was one way to spice things up, but it was the challenge of teaming up with a friend to take on common foes that really sold me. Torchlight II was a very similar beast and itself was very enjoyable, so I’m in two minds which dungeon crawler I personally prefer. But once again, the community has spoken. Even if it is by the narrowest of margins, your Community Game of the Year 2012: Best PC game is Diablo III. Deckard Cain would be pleased!