Community Game Of The Year 2012: Best Sports

David Howard

David Howard


on December 20, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Editor’s Note: We recently asked you, our community to vote for your Games of the Year across a variety of categories, and following all of your votes it’s time for the results. Enjoy.

Having been on a rich vein of form, FIFA powered to victory last year and become the Best Sports game when we put it to the community vote. The EA franchise scored over half of all votes and comfortably won with the perhaps greatest football title to date at the time. This year, FIFA 13 topped 12 in terms of gameplay, but would it make it two years running? Competing against it were a series of franchise including one where you become a football manager, the American version of football, FIFA’s fiercest competitor, a snowboarding reboot and 2K Sport’s best. Who would perform when it counts and take the championship this year?

The Nominees were:


Causing perhaps a bit of an upset, it’s SSX that finished on top this year. It was a close battle between EA’s two titles but it seems that gamers preferred hitting the slopes to kicking around a football this year. The reboot of the popular franchise pipped it with 38.46%, just under four percent ahead of FIFA 13.

It’s not that surprising though, given just how good SSX is. Our ‘A’ rated review stated that “SSX is the ideal reboot. There are a few issues and a lot of the newly added content doesn’t really improve the series much, but the core gameplay utterly superb. It freshens up the market somewhat with its over-the-top attitude and will keep gamers embroiled with a copious amount of enjoyment for some time. With a cracking visual setup, responsive and satisfying controls and a soundtrack of the highest quality, what’s not to like?”

The game also managed to debut in first place of the UK chart when it released, before receiving a multiplayer update back in August.

Initial trailers – back when the game was subtitled Deadly Descents – were worrying but there was no need. The final release was superb and continued on the franchise’s successful history. Hopefully we’ll see some more iterations in the series, perhaps on the next-generation of consoles when they roll around. For now though, why not hit the slopes on the Best Sports Game of the Year!