Community Game Of The Year 2012: Best Nintendo

Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin


on December 19, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Editor’s Note: We recently asked you, our community to vote for your Games of the Year across a variety of categories, and following all of your votes it’s time for the results. Enjoy.

With the release of the Nintendo Wii U this year, the release schedule for existing platforms was limited compared to the quantity we got last year. As such, this year we are lumping all releases of games for Nintendo platforms under one banner. Last year we saw The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword take the crown on the Wii, while Pokemon Black & White took the Portable Game of the Year crown. For this year, we see two nominees from Nintendo’s newer devices and one from each of the now legacy devices. For the Wii U we see a zombie invasion of London and Mario’s grand return to form. For the 3DS we see a musical celebration of a classic RPG franchise and the latest mystery for the witty Professor. As for the Wii and DS, the nominations come in the form of a highly requested JRPG for localisation and the sequel to our Portable Game of the Year. A strong showing for Nintendo then, with a good mix of new IPs and old favourites, but which one captured your interest the most?

The Nominees were:


For the second time in the series history, Pokemon have come out on top! Our community have voted Pokemon Black & White 2 as their Nintendo Game of the Year, getting 44.79% of the total vote, with the plumber showing a fairly strong challenge of 21.88% for New Super Mario Bros U. Of course though, we should have expected this would be a hit with the community as the series has taken gold before. The return to the Unova region was something that we didn’t expect, but we are essentially glad for it.

Our ‘B’ rated review mentioned that, “At its core, the game plays just like every other iteration from the DS era, but look at the game a little deeper and you’ll find some surprises round every corner. The plot might not be as thought-provoking as Pokemon Black/White was, but it is nice to see a full-blown continuation as opposed to re-treading on old ground.”

New features that show signs that the series is ever thinking about evolving its own core experience help ensure that player’s interest is maintained, even long after the main game’s conclusion. Standout successes include Pokestar Studios and the Pokemon World Tournament, which give your team a chance to become stars of the silver screen or stars of the World Championships. On top of that, the visuals were top-notch for the Nintendo DS and the audio is at times a nostalgic treat.

With the sun well and truly setting on our time with the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii, it’s nice to see that these consoles can still give us the odd surprise or two. Pokemon Black 2/White 2 is a testament of that and a sign that new does not always mean better, in the eyes of the community who voted it as their Best Nintendo Game of the Year.