Hands-On: Crysis 3 Draws Players Into True FPS Enviroment

William Petrou-Nunn

William Petrou-Nunn


on October 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM

On offer at the Eurogamer Expo was a multiplayer demo featuring all-new Hunter Mode and Crash Site, and my time with Crysis 3 was highly enjoyable and has spurred me into pre-ordering one of 2012’s most anticipated games.

Hunter Mode sets two hunters against 14 C.E.L.L operatives in a game mode that slightly resembles Halo’s Infection. As a hunter you are equipped with a highly powerful, highly accurate bow and near-permanent invisibility. The aim of the game is to be as sneaky as possible and to either survive as C.E.L.L or kill as a hunter. Now this may sound like an easy massacre for the hunters, but being a successful hunter is a difficult thing indeed. The bow takes time to draw and movement is sacrificed for a drawn bow.

In addition to this, a group of C.E.L.L agents can easily take down a hunter if it has been spotted. The balance slowly tips as more players are made hunters until there is just one C.E.L.L operative left, frantically searching for a safe place to hide and defend. This really showed off the beautiful surroundings of the urban jungle that is New York, with so many shades of colours and the occasional dabble of sunlight through the trees. The map itself was multi-leveled and felt easy to manoeuvre through the terrain.

To start off, Hunter Mode is absolutely brilliant. I felt real fear and panic when trying to hide for the last 30 seconds of a match, hearing the ever-present screams of allies and the twang of bows being plucked. What made this better was the exultation at being the final survivor or being lucky enough to over-power a hunter and gain the upper-hand.

The controls were highly responsive with either keyboard or controller and I felt very involved in the game. While Crysis 2 had a great multiplayer, it seems to me that Crytek have outdone themselves with Crysis 3, pulling out all the stops to make the online completely immersive with little touches, like being in the helicopter when it crashes in Hunter Mode.

I also had the opportunity to demo Crash Site, a game mode from Crysis 2, which has been updated to be made more accessible and it showed off the tactical side of the game. Crysis 3 is not a run and gun type of game, I had to stop and think whether I needed cloak or heavy-armour before entering an open space, and every bullet counts.

Crysis 3 truly is a tactical game to play and one decision can lead to a triumphant victory or an embarrassing defeat.

In this game mode, I was set the task of capturing an objective with my team and holding it until we won. After failing to make a big impact on the game whilst my friend was racking up the kills, I decided to change weapon to see if that had any decisive effect. It sure did. What I learnt here is that a well crafted class in Crysis 3 can be an absolute game changer. Armed with cloak, a sniper rifle and a pistol, I was popping enemies like they were flies. Crysis 3 truly is a tactical game to play and one decision can lead to a triumphant victory or an embarrassing defeat.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Crysis 3 as it stood head and shoulders above some other first-person shooters with its stellar graphics and wonderful game-play. I honestly couldn’t stop going back for more game-time. When the game is released with full class customisation, there will be numerous combinations to equip in order to take down your enemies. With many more multiplayer game modes and an interesting campaign to say the least, Crysis 3 is set to be a big hit for 2013. If the end product keeps to this same high quality, I will be a very pleased gamer indeed.