May 31, 2012, 13:01

Dragon’s Dogma Delivers With 300,000 First-Week Sales In Japan

By Dan Jenko, Contributor

They’ll be partying at Capcom tonight as their latest in-house developed action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma has rocketed straight to the top of the Japanese charts with a over 300,00 units sold on Playstation 3.

Dragon’s Dogma has enjoyed reasonable, if not wholly positive, critical reception with our review arriving soon.

These strong sales are particularly admirable since the Japanese market is generally less favourable towards new IP’s. Dragon’s Dogma beat off competition from Mario’s latest tennis endeavor on the 3Ds, which charted second in Japan selling around 100,000 copies.

No sales figures in Europe have yet been announced by Capcom, but if Dragon’s Dogma continues to sell admirable in Japan and puts in a strong showing in Europe and America then a sequel may very well be on the cards.