May 30, 2012, 18:41

Puzzle Platformer Snapshot Coming To PS3 And Vita

By Dan Jenko, Contributor

Sony have announced via the Playstation Blog yet another exclusive in Snapshot, a downloadable puzzle platformer that will be available on PlayStation 3 and Vita this fall.

The new game will feature a robot named Pic, who “carries a high-tech camera that can capture and remove objects and parts of the environment”. You can then paste the picture back into the world causing all the objects to come tumbling back out.

It sounds pretty complicated but Sony’s David Carrigg was quick to simplify it saying that, “the first chapter of the game will hit you with a series of puzzles involving moving objects around within the levels, and it’s easier than you think. If you want to reposition a box, simply snap a photo to capture it, then paste the picture back into the world and watch the box fall back out of it”.

The game will also feature the seldom-seen cross-play ability between the Vita and PlayStation 3, meaning you can start-up on your vita and then continue your progress on your console of visa versa.

Snapshot is being developed by indie-developers Retro Affect, will Wil Whitlark providing compositions in the form of the game’s soundtrack. We’ll of course keep you updated with future news on this title, so keep checking back at MediaKick for all the latest.