May 25, 2012, 12:40

Sony Announce ‘When Vikings Attack’ For PlayStation Network

By Ryan Martin, Writer

Sony has revealed ‘When Vikings Attack’, a new title coming to the PlayStation Network, via the official US Blog.

The action fighting adventure title is being developed by Clever Beans, an English studio comprised of Martin Turton and Andrew Newton, and it will see players try to defend their town as a battalion of Vikings cause havok. With a modern setting, your weapons quickly become an unusual sight for the incoming Nords as you throw phone boxes and cars towards with your group of misfits.

Clever Beans has described the game as a “manic, quick-fire” fighter which can be played with three other players (in both Adventure and Versus mode), making full use of the PlayStation 3 and Vita’s cross platform play. the title also benefits from cross-platform saving allowing continue in the Adventure mode no matter the system you use. The developer is also offering both the PlayStation 3 and Vita version for one yet-to-be-announced price.

When Vikings Attack will launch later this year.