April 24, 2012, 11:00

PES 2013 Detailed In Full Reveal

By David Howard, Editor-in-Chief and Founder

As promised, Konami has officially announced this season’s Pro Evolution Soccer in the form of PES 2013.

Set to release this autumn, PEs 2013 makes the bold promise of returning the series to its roots. The emphasis will be placed on the individual skills of the world’s best players, giving the player the freedom to play any style of ball, including full control over shots.

The studio has consulted fans of football and PES alike, to ensure that PES 2013 is “the most faithful recreation of modern-day football to date, with players modeled to match the running motions, abilities and playing styles, and the flicks and turns of their real-life counterparts”.

As with FIFA 12 last year, there are three key elements that form the basis of PES 2013′s innovations: PES FullControl, Player ID and ProActive AI.

First up, let’s take a look at PES FullControl. Konami claim that “never before has a football game offered such a level of control over the way it is played”, so they surely have to impress with the new additions. Dynamic First Touch introduces a subtle way to receive the ball, from traps, gently lifting it past an attacker to run on to or a variety of other moves; Full Manual Shooting and Full Manual Passing allows users to determine the height and power of each; Dribbling – players can vary the speed of their dribbling and cushion the ball as they move freely within a 360-degree circle; as well as Full Manual One-Two passes, Response Defending and advanced Goalkeepers.

Player ID is the focus on the individual elements and movements that each player boasts, including Player Individuality and Individuality to Goalkeepers.

The final feature, ProActive AI, unites the control and realism, with players that will respond and find space as befits those at the top of their game. Balance of Play is the result of the development teams discussion with fans to eradicate any illogical elements to the way players move and run; there will be greater organisation as the teams track back or push forward thanks to Tactical Precision; whilst Enhanced Goalkeepers – voted the key advancement football fans wanted to see in PES 2013 – will see the guys between the sticks now respond with better reactions, clear their lines more effectively and push the ball safely out of play rather than into dangerous areas.

There’s more though, better connectivity and atmosphere can be expected as the title is endorsed by the world’s second best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, when it’s release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP, Nintendo 3DS and the Wii – with the PlayStation Vita being the notable omission.

“This is an exciting time to be part of the PES community, and PES 2013 marks a new level of playability with the return to our key ethos of utter control and freedom,” commented Jon Murphy, European PES Team Leader. “Football is all about making magic happen with skill and precision, and PES 2013 truly encapsulates this. Fresh faces within the development team and some very exciting ideas will breathe new life into the PES series, and we look forward to showing what we can do in the coming months.”

Konami has promised year-after-year that Pro Evolution Soccer will return to the heights that it enjoyed back in the PlayStation 2 days, but has since failed to come close to usurping FIFA as the best and most popular footballing title on the market. My scepticism will remain rather high this year then until I finally get my hands on the game later in the year.