April 20, 2012, 17:19

Soul Sacrifice Heading To PS Vita, Full Reveal On May 10

By Phillip Costigan, Contributor

A new fantasy game looks to be heading to the PlayStation Vita, entitled Soul Sacrifice.

The game was initially revealed via a six-page advertisement in Japan’s Famitsu magazine, and there is also a portal for the game on Sony’s Japanese website, which teases a full reveal in Japan at the Tokyo International Forum Venue on May 10.

The short video on the game’s portal hints at co-operative play, and the fantasy style of the artwork looks really nice. Speculation surrounding it hints that it could be a possible Monster Hunter clone for Sony’s new handheld, which seems especially likely with no officially announced Monster Hunter in development for the system, that we know of.

Other speculation hints that it could be a new entry into From Software’s Souls franchise, although this seems less likely.

Could this be the game to drive sales of Sony’s newest platform in its home territory? We’ll have some idea come May 10.