April 8, 2012, 9:30

Deadlight Blends Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Action With 2D Side-Scrolling

By Dave Irwin, Sub-Editor

What two things have we seen done to death in the past five years? It’s okay, I can wait for you to work it out.

Done? Good. You should have come to the conclusion that post-apocalyptic scenarios (ie: Fallout, RAGE and I Am Alive) and zombie games (ie: Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and Yakuza: Dead Souls) pretty much make up a sizeable portion of the market these days.

Insert a new project from Microsoft Studios and Tequila Works (who probably should consult their nearest Alcoholics Anonymous group). Deadlight mixes the concept of both these genres with 2D side-scrolling action. What is most interesting for me is that there are obvious cues from cult 16-bit era game – Flashback here, but also that you can’t see exactly what everyone is. Are they actually zombies, or just incredibly drunk people wanting a hug?

In any case, Deadlight is scheduled to be released for Xbox Live Arcade in Summer 2012. Whether the company is running a Summer of Arcade this year that features this game among the promotion is anyone’s guess, but with Microsoft Studios at the publishing helm, don’t be too surprised if it turns out to be true.