March 26, 2012, 23:47

New Risen 2 Trailer Features No Stereotypical Pirate Talk, Sadly

By Phillip Costigan, Contributor

Deep Silver published pirate RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters has received a new trailer featuring gameplay from the game, but no endearing pirate talk.

Alas, you’ll find no shiver me timbers here, or any mention of rum or grog, but you’ll catch some nice glimpses into the gameplay of the pirate game sequel, and maybe the odd pirate accent. Maybe.

Risen 2: Dark Waters looks like it’s shaping up nicely, and the PC version will hit stores, and presumably Steam and other digital distribution ventures, on April 27, although the console versions have been delayed and you won’t see the game in your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 until May 25 here in Europe, or a bit earlier on May 22 in the U.S.

Check out the new trailer below: