March 10, 2012, 16:30

The Less Said The Better #8

By David Howard, Editor-in-Chief and Founder

As we move into a two months worth of The Less Said The Better the team are settling into a pleasant rhythm as we slowly pass through a very busy March. With some huge releases out every week during the first month of spring we’re busy getting ample quantities of reviews, whilst still enjoying the recently released Vita as well as the games of our own choosing. So, what has the team been playing this week:

The Less Said The Better #8

For Dave it’s been a week across multiple platforms, genres and locales: “My week began watching Farmer Dan’s catapulted cow land on the mountains of Skyrim and shooting some Pool in Hustle Kings, followed by pitting Russian Wrestlers against Grizzly Bears in Street Fighter X Tekken.”

Whilst Harry has spent most of his week either in the dark or swallowed by suffocating dust ahead of two reviews: “I Am Alive and well, having survived the four-hour epic Ubisoft produced this week. I’m now to survive an American Nightmare, but if I make it through that I’ve got plenty else to occupy me: expect several reviews from yours truly next week.”

“I’ve got more than a tale or two to tell about Journeys I’ve had on the slopes of sand and snow,” said Ryan, after he spent the opening few days on the slopes in SSX before heading to the luscious deserts within Journey. A good selection that certainly was given the utterly sublime nature of Journey and the brilliant reboot of SSX.

The Less Said The Better #8

Finally, Igor returned to his roots for a stealth-action extravaganza, before picking up an old friend: “This week has actually been full of finishing the Metal Gear Solid HD collection but I’m really stoked about getting on The Last Story — been a while since I played the Wii.”

As for yours truly, it’s been a Vita heavy week ahead of a selection of reviews, as SSX and Twisted Metal dominated my time otherwise. Towards the end of the week a splendid little indie game called Waveform challenged my mind with some unique gameplay mechanics.

Next week could likely contain a lot of game time with one Commander Shepard, before the following week, our tenth in the feature will undoubtedly feature more tricks and skills than you can shake a stick at with the release of FIFA Street inbound.