Guerrilla Games Confirm More Killzone Is In Development

David Howard

David Howard


on March 8, 2012 at 2:30 PM

If, like me, you’re a big fan of the PlayStation exclusive franchise Killzone, then you’re going to be pleased by news that the series isn’t done.

According to IGN, Guerrilla Games studio art director, Jan-Bark van Beek, confirmed that the team is working simultaneously on three different projects. One of those projects is Sony Cambridge’s Killzone Vita now that the studio is embedded within Guerilla, whilst the other two are a new non-Killzone title and continuing the franchise of the PlayStation 3.

It is possible that the PlayStation 3 work could be additional content for Killzone 3 rather than a new instalment in the series though. It could even be a HD remake of the original, after the games port was mysterious canned earlier in the year.

Jan-Bart van Beek didn’t speak specifically about the PlayStation work, but he did mention how the team decided upon its new IP. 32 members of the team pitched an idea, which was then narrowed down to just four. He didn’t specify as to whether one of the final four became the new IP, but he did list zombies, werewolves, steampunk and Ghost in the Shell as pitches.