February 1, 2012, 2:32

Dragon’s Dogma Unleashes Resident Evil 6 Demo Codes

By Dave Irwin, Sub-Editor

Hey, have you heard about Dragon’s Dogma? The fantasy RPG that from the screenshots has a certain Western feel. We also saw a trailer at E3. Not convinced?

Perhaps one really good incentive to make you consider buying Dragon’s Dogma will be all you need. Here’s a great one: How about an early look at the recently announced Resident Evil 6, due out later this year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20, in a demo. There’s just one small catch. European Xbox 360 owners will get their demo on July 3, while European PlayStation 3 owners will be available a full 60 days later on September 5.

Still, at least with you will have a game to play before whatever day your Resident Evil 6 demo is released. We’ve had a few more details on what exactly Dragon’s Dogma is. The game features a multi-party aspect with AI controlled allies called Pawns. They act fully independently during single player and can be comprised of friends via Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Even better is that the game will feature thousands of ready-made Pawns in the box!

There are also a bunch of pre-order incentives. The Pawn Upgrade Pack allows players to get additional Rift Crystals in order to rent higher level experience Pawns. There are also Weapons and Armour upgrades for those who want them. Support for the game will be ongoing post release as DLC will include more quests alongside weapons and armour upgrades.

Certainly sounds more appealing than the screenshots make it out to believe. Be sure to secure Dragon’s Dogma (and that demo) on May 25, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.