January 25, 2012, 12:08

Kid Icarus: Uprising Set To Revolt In Europe On March 23

By Dave Irwin, Sub-Editor

The long delayed Nintendo 3DS reboot of the Kid Icarus franchise – Kid Icarus: Uprising, has finally got a release date in Europe. So for those who want to see the next huge Nintendo developed title, waited 25 long years for the series to get the recognition they felt it deserved or simply an excuse to play on your Nintendo 3DS, mark down March 23, 2012 as Revolution Day.

In a press release received from Nintendo, not only was the release date formally announced, but some interesting details which you may or may not know about the game have surfaced. Kid Icarus: Uprising sees the Queen of the Underworld, Medusa with the help of her Underworld Army return to wreak havoc on the populace. The heroic angel Pit must take up arms once more with the assistance of Palutena, Goddess of Light and the guardian of the human race.

The gameplay experience is fully customisable with the Fiend’s Cauldron system, which allows players to adjust the intensity of the challenge from a relaxed 0.0 to a stupidly hectic 9.0. Doing so will make enemies hit harder, take more hits to kill and become more aggressive in nature, but the rewards players will get for defeating them are better with higher difficulties. This increases the amount of hearts players can obtain which can be used to buy weapons, or increases the chance to collect weapons directly from defeating foes. Normal difficulty will apparently be set at 2.0, but players will be able to adjust by 0.1 increments by gambling hearts for either bigger rewards or a complete bloodbath.

Weapons available to Pit are more than the standard bow and arrow, allowing Pit to use swords, spears and claws that fire shots. There is a total of 9 different categories of weapon and each have their own characteristic gameplay style, thus allowing players to get used to particular styles according to their desires. Pit also has access to vehicles during certain sections of the game. The example given is the Exo Tank, which Pit can use to defeat enemies with the ramming horn on the tank as a special ability. Aside from the single player mode, Nintendo had previously confirmed an online multiplayer at E3 last year, but it will be offline and online via WiFi.

Then there’s the peripherals that can be used in conjunction with the game. Bundled for free with every copy is the Nintendo 3DS Stand – a device that attached to the Nintendo 3DS enables players to use the left hand for movement via the Circle Pad, while the right uses the stylus, without the need to actually hold the console. It will be interesting to see if this control style with the stand enables for the greater precision promised. Alternatively, the imminent Circle Pad Pro is also compatible with the game to enable left-handed players the ability to control using the second Circle Pad with the right hand and the stylus with the left. Speaking as a left-handed gamer, it does seem odd that we would have to pay extra for the ability to use the other hand configuration. Be that as it may, I’m just glad that Kid Icarus: Uprising is finally coming out on Nintendo 3DS on March 23.