January 14, 2012, 21:28

Ubisoft’s Dance Revolution In Full Swing In 2011

By Dave Irwin, Sub-Editor

What a year for Ubisoft 2011 has been! We’ve seen some absolutely stellar experiences. Some explored 16th Century Constantinople in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, others delighted by the platforming gem of Rayman Origins, while the rest were having a shindig at home with Just Dance 3. The less said about frolicking with a Belgian reporter the better, but generally it has been an almost flawless year. NPD data reflects this with some rather stunning details, confirming Ubisoft’s No.3 third party publisher in the United States, and revealing that they were the only publisher with two games in the NPD’s Top Ten list of Best-Selling games of Christmas 2011. Those were Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (7) and Just Dance 3 (2).

Just Dance 3 also earned several accolades. Not only was it the best selling Wii game for three months in a row (as of October 2011); but Just Dance 3 also gained an achievement as Best Selling Xbox 360 Kinect game, and a trophy for Best Selling PlayStation Move game. That is no small feat for what is now largely considered the giant in the emerging Dance game genre. This certainly helped ensure that Ubisoft were the No. 2 Third Party game publisher for the month of December 2011. Ubisoft also got acclaim by being the No. 1 Third Party publisher on the Nintendo 3DS. No small feat, as NPD Group’s Anita Frazier explains:

The Dance genre was the sixth largest of 2011, growing 66% versus 2010. The Just Dance property from Ubisoft nabbed two spots in the top 10 title list for annual 2011, among new physical sales of content at retail in the U.S.

These revelations come as Ubisoft announces that, according to their own internal estimates, Just Dance 3 has now sold more than 7 million units since its release. This in turn brings the total units sold for the Just Dance franchise to more than 25 million units worldwide. Those that bought the latest game will spend a collective 23 million minutes playing the game each day around the world. In a recent launch for Just Dance in Japan and Korea, more than half a million have purchased the game in those two countries.

It isn’t just the flagship Just Dance franchise that Ubisoft is using for its “Dance Revolution”, as other titles include ABBA You Can Dance, The Black Eyed Peas Experience, Michael Jackson The Experience, and The Smurfs Dance Party. Geoffroy Sardin, Chief EMEA sales and Marketing Officer at Ubisoft is understandably proud of the achievements of the franchise.

The Just Dance franchise continues to be first choice for customers around the world looking for games that let them dance and get the party started in their living rooms. Our diverse dance game offerings ensure that everyone can find an accessible and enjoyable title regardless of platform, and that we have a broad base upon which to bring new ideas and titles in the years to come.

While we can probably count on the best selling Ubisoft franchises (Just Dance and Assassin’s Creed) making a return in 2012, last year was an absolutely brilliant year for them thanks to the return to form of a classic mascot, among others! If the eagerly anticipated Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and new Rainbow Six game are anything to go by, hardcore gamers have something to look forward to, as do Ubisoft’s coffers!