January 10, 2012, 13:57

66 Million Xbox 360s Now Sold, 18 Million Kinects Shipped

By David Howard, Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Microsoft concluded their CES keynote presence in underwhelming fashion with a presentation lacking in punch or substance. That said, we did get a variety of stats and figures from CEO Steve Ballmer, something that I am always interested in.

With 66 million Xbox 360s now sold since its 2005 release, Microsoft must be very pleased with such strong sales recently, and so they should be. It’s a very impressive count for the console now, and with 40 million Xbox Live users, there are a lot of people enjoying its online functionality as well.

Additionally, Steve revealed that Kinect has now shipped 18 million units, before claiming, “We’re the world sales leader for the last year in console.”

Away from the console market, Windows 7, the current OS, now has over a staggering 500 million users, a figure that is increasing by seven every single second.