December 2, 2011, 15:56

Sony Denies Full Remote Compatibility with PS Vita

By Igor Kharin,

Reports spread like wildfire on the Internet last week suggesting that Sony would update the PlayStation 3 to make all games belonging to the machine playable on PlayStation Vita using Remote Play. Since then Sony officials have denied these reports.

Sony Computer Entertainment Senior VP Yoshio Matsumoto and Division 3 Software Development Head Muneki Shimada had this to say about the reports, “That information is mistaken, the compatibility is achieved on the side of the PS3 game, just like normal.” Shimada also emphasized that as with previous implementations of Remote Play, games will need API support.

While Remote Play was demonstrated through Killzone 3 at the Tokyo Games Show in September, Sony are yet to confirm when PS Vita owners will be able to try Remote Play themselves.

How do you feel about the news and would having the capability to play all PlayStation 3 titles on Sony’s handheld make it a dominant force in that particular market?