Guerrilla Games Soldering On With The Next Killzone

David Howard

David Howard


on November 19, 2011 at 12:11 AM

Guerrilla Games could well be developing the next Killzone title as we speak, that is according to the latest issue of EDGE.

According to the magazine, “the bulk of Guerrilla’s staff (is soldiering) on with the next Killzone instalment,” with Killzone 2 and 3’s Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide acting as “game director on the current Killzone project”, dubbed as a “Killzone follow-up” – we know, inventive. Adrian Smith, Guerrilla’s studio recruiter also hinted that production on a new Killzone was well underway. We know it’s not the upcoming Killzone Vita game as that is being developed by Sony Cambridge.

Whilst news that a successful developer is working on a successor to a successful set of games is nothing particular new, couple this with the recent report, from EDGE also, that “one major Sony-owned studio has now ceased PlayStation 3 development, shifting its entire focus to the console‚Äôs successor” and things get a little interesting. Could there be a connection here? Killzone 4 on PlayStation 4 perhaps? Considering how far we are into the life cycle of the PlayStation 3, seeing another Killzone title for it is quite unlikely.

As always, this is littered with speculation and rumour, but it’s certainly interesting and not entirely implausible.