Sony Working On PS4 Games, Microsoft Readying ‘Xbox Next’ For 2013

David Howard

David Howard


on October 21, 2011 at 2:31 PM

Yesterday, industry site Develop posted a couple of posts on leaked information from “sources” that indicate that several Sony studios are working on titles for the PlayStation 4, whilst Microsoft are preparing their next Xbox for a 2013 release.

According to a “trusted source” of Develop, preliminary work on PlayStation 4 games has begun at several internal Sony studios, although which of Sony’s sixteen first-party studios is unknown.

Conversely, “Microsoft and industry partners are working towards a 2013 launch of the next generation Xbox” read the article on the dubbed ‘Xbox Next’. The expectation is for a reveal at E3 in 2013, with a release just months later. Apparently Lionhead are working on a project internally named ‘Fable Next’, which will launch on the new console; whilst one source still insists that an EA studio already has rudimentary Xbox console technology on desks, despite EA has denying the claim.

Both Sony and Microsoft declined to comment on the reports.

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt until we receive a firmer word on the matter, however, my two cents is, that’s too long to wait. With those, albeit rumoured, release schedules we would be into the eighth year for each console, the longest ever wait between sequential consoles.