September 13, 2011, 11:50

Saints Row: The Third To Get 40 Weeks Of DLC

By Ryan Martin, Writer

During his keynote presentation at Cloud Gaming USA, THQ CEO Brian Farrell took the chance to explain the company’s new business model with a lot of thought going into post-launch DLC.

“We intend to create an online digital ecosystem with the consumer that keeps them interested for almost a year, perhaps even longer,” said the CEO.

“And we expect most of our large console games going forward will extend the base experience with DLC packs. Things like online in-game storage, and consumables and other online items that will go on for at least a year post-release.”

One game in particular Farrell believes will profit from this model is Saints Row: The Third. Farrell stated that the ridiculously awesome shooter will have more than 40 weeks of DLC “which will grow and change the experience as the consumer engages with the game.”

Saints Row: The Third is due out November 18 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC but THQ hopes you will still be playing it this time next year.