April 19, 2011, 12:37

Loads Of Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Details

By Ryan Martin, Writer

Naughty Dog has released a tonne of information for Uncharted 3 and the massive amounts of improvements made to the multiplayer side of the game.

The first of the many details is the addition of a selection of new game modes. Three Team Deathmatch is a simple 2 v 2 v 2 variation on Team Deathmatch, while the popular favourite of Free For All also gets added. You will also be able to play with a friend in the same room by logging into two different PSN IDs (this works on most game modes).

Also revealed was the huge amount of customisable options available to players. Not only with both Heroes and Villians have hundreds of customisable parts such as shirt and trousers but players will also be able change almost everything on their weapons. Things like camouflage are purely cosmetic changes whereas scopes and clips will also add a function to your weapons e.g. scopes for better accuracy, not to mention an emblem editor for your clan.

Boosters make a return from Uncharted 2 but will have a few tweaks, with Paid Boosters, a one-time only booster that you will need to splash the cash on. A new feature in the booster section is something called Medal Kickbacks which are activated when you have earned the required number of medals in the match. You can see this in action in the new video found at the bottom.

Not everything is tied to level or cash in Uncharted 3 though. Instead, players will be able to gain items in treasure chests on the maps and through the means of completing missions. There are two types of missions in Uncharted 3, Instant missions which appear mid-match, giving you a target to meet in order to complete, and Long term missions which are selected through the multiplayer menu and will take more time to complete but offer a more significant reward.

Power plays are going to be introduced which are activated when the losing team is significantly behind in the score count and “They provide the team on top with an opportunity to maximize their cash for the match, while evening the odds a little for the team on the losing end of the equation and giving them the opportunity to close the gap a little.”

If the teams are level pegging at the end of the game, Overtime will come into play and will give either team a chance to win the round. Overtime is similar to Elimination and the winning team will be the last one standing. Naughty Dog also said they have made matchmaking faster and easier. Check out the new multiplayer trailer below.