New Xbox 360 Controller Announced

David Howard

David Howard


on August 31, 2010 at 6:24 PM

Microsoft has announced that a new Xbox 360 controller is on it’s way.

The new controller will hit US shelves on November 9th for a pricey $64.99, whilst Europe will see it sometime in February. The new controller will feature a metallic d-pad – hopefully to fix the atrocious one of the current controller, as well as a new metallic look. The new and improved d-pad can be manipulated and raised for better control by ‘twisting’ it. In a quite bizarre move, the buttons are becoming grey and white – which will surely confuse players when it comes to on-screen buttons hints. Releasing a new controller seems a strange choice in my book with the release of the ‘controller-free’ Kinect out the same time in the US; it screams contradiction to me.